Course Fees

The 2017 programme course fee for the full three-week Summer School is 800,00 (eight hundred) EUR and it includes the following: tuition, course books and other teaching materials, accommodation, meals (breakfast and lunch) and extracurricular activities.


If the participants wish, they can arrange their own accommodation and meals, in which case the following fees apply:

  • fee exclusive of accommodation: 580,00 EUR
  • fee exclusive of meals: 620,00 EUR
  • fee exclusive of accommodation and meals: 400,00 EUR

All the participants are required to pay a deposit of 50,00 EUR prior to their arrival in Novi Sad (due by 10 July 2017). The proof of payment should be handed in at the placement test (16 July 2017). Payment is made to the account of the Faculty of Philosophy according to the following instructions:



The payment of the remaining amount of 750,00 EUR is required by Monday, 17 July 2017. Payment is made in Serbian Dinars in any bank or post office in Novi Sad, to the account of the Faculty of Philosophy, number: 840-1712666-26, model number 97, call number: 4119.

All participants are required to have a comprehensive health insurance policy for the entirety of their stay in Novi Sad.